Lucette was a painter first, turning to music late in her life.

Along with digital copies of Lucette’s album covers, we have her book The Color of Sound, published in 2006, which includes color reproductions of 113 works, all of which are in private collections.

From The Color of Sound, Introduction:

“Lucette Bourdin was born in a small rural town in eastern France, near the Doubs river. She came to southern California in 1982 where she has dedicated her life to painting. Self-taught, she has found her way. She has acquired greater assurance as an artist as evidenced by her even bolder use of color and composition. Never timid, she has used color as an intimate expression of her inner self. These forays into her expeditions of psyche portray revelations of a playful yet sophisticated voyageur, and we are happily embarked with her on this personal journey of self-discovery. A trip such as this challenges even a Marco Polo. You travel through emerald valleys, magenta rivers and climb to heights of golden mounds, you explore down paths deeper and more mystical than when you are just out walking, all in the blinking of an eye or digital conveyance.

“The brushwork heightens the adventure through space by either control or reckless abandonment. You follow the path of your choice. Just as moods are dictated by nuances of fleeting feelings, these colors are the results of moments in time – yours or hers. These choices are privileges we have. They are ours. We can share them or just selfishly savor. I recommend both.” Barbara Beretich (1936-2018)