“Any time two or more artists work together to compose, there is an element of chemistry that must be present for the project to truly gel, otherwise the results may sound stilted or forced or otherwise incongruent. Finding this positive energy zone can sometimes be a challenging task for the artists in a collaboration, no matter how dedicated they are to making the collaboration work. Then there are those magical partnerships where the chemistry is instant, the music flows effortlessly, and the musical styles of the participants synergize almost magically. Such was the case for Lucette and Darrell on this particular project, an experience that both of them simply describe as “fun and fulfilling”. — Darrell Burgan, on their collaboration

“The music is lush and beautiful, incredibly soothing, and yet without the syrupy sweetness that sometimes accompanies light ambient music. What really sets the album apart is the sound design, which is both understated and yet thoroughly refreshing and original. Mesmerizing and hypnotic, and yet equally suited for active listening and enjoyment. As we said, genius.” — Darrell, on Silver Moon

“…possibly the most mystical of Lucette’s releases, a collection of what we can only describe as ineffable prayers to the cosmos. Behind its subtle refrains, we can hear elements of both longing and contentedness, of both the organic and the celestial, of both the human and the divine, almost like the soundtrack to an out of body journey through the upper regions of space. To call the music radiantly gorgeous is to understate the case. “A final conclusion that we will draw is that this must be one of Lucette’s most intimate releases, one in which her true self is most clearly exposed and given willingly to the listener. Again, we might be tempted to interpret this for you, but we’ll simply say that there is so much emotion and profoundness in this work that at the end it seems we know Lucette much better than we did at the start, as if we have made an achingly beautiful journey through the heart of a true artist and wise soul.” — Darrell, on Horse Heaven